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Facebook Page Or Account Verified: Do you currently have a Facebook page for yourself? As a business owner, are you looking for ways to expand your company’s or personal brand’s reach?

Your Facebook Page (or if you’re an influencer, celebrity, or thought-leader) should be verified for a number of reasons.

In the first place, being verified on a large social media platform like Facebook gives your presence credibility and gives customers confidence. As for why getting Facebook Page Or Account Verified is important.

Potential customers or fans can tell when an account has a blue checkmark next to it because it has been verified. A blue checkmark implies significance, so you must be important.

It is especially important for those who may attempt to impersonate others by creating fake Facebook accounts.

According to Facebook’s help center, the following is the case:

Having a verified badge on a Facebook page or profile indicates that Facebook has confirmed that the page or profile represents an actual person or company.

The presence of a blue checkmark demonstrates trustworthiness in the eyes of others right away.

A little-known fact: Facebook also offers a grey checkmark for Facebook pages or profiles. For those who do not meet the “public interest” qualification, the grey checkmark indicates authentic pages.

How Do You Get Your Facebook Page Verified?

Here’s a quick walkthrough to get you started.

To Get Verified Begin By Completing Facebook’s Online Form.

You’ll first need to visit Facebook’s verification request page and fill out an online form, which looks like this:

How To Get Verified On Facebook?
Screenshot from, Dec 2021

Complete the form and wait for a response from the Facebook team after you’ve submitted it. Two things will be required of you:

  • Upload an official document for yourself or your business/brand to verify your identity.
  • To prove that the account you are verifying is of interest to the general public, you will be asked a series of questions. A number of factors will be taken into consideration by Facebook to see if your business page or personal brand account is worthy of verification.

Facebook’s application requirements are extensive. Your identity and/or business legitimacy must be backed up by irrefutable evidence.

In order to have the best chance of account verification, here are some tips on how to successfully complete the verification form.

1. Indicate if you’re verifying a Facebook page or profile.

Your small business or corporation is trying to verify a business or corporate account.

The Page option is best if this is your situation. You can check the personal profile of a celebrity, media personality, or other similar influencers by clicking on Profile in the People drop-down menu.

Facebook verification
Snap Taken in Dec 2021

2. Verify your identity.

Uploading an official identification document to prove your page or profile is associated with the public figure, company, or brand it represents is required for your own personal or business identification.

The following must be included on your page:

  • Cover image
  • A photograph of one’s face
  • A name that is acceptable to Facebook’s standards.

Passports or driver’s licenses are also acceptable forms of identification (for profiles only). To avoid rejection or delays, read the requirements thoroughly before submitting.

Proof of an original document, such as your articles of incorporation or tax documents, is required for pages that do not represent a person.

Verify your identity Facebook

3. Confirm Your Brand’s or Business’s Notability

What category would you or your business fall under?

A correctly classified account is essential to determining whether or not you have enough influence in the relevant industry to warrant a verified Facebook page or profile.

Your business or brand’s current location should be selected in the appropriate category and region.

If you’re verifying a page or profile, you’ll also have the option to describe your audience or customers.

If you include this optional information, Facebook will be able to see why your account should be verified.

4. Include Articles, Social Media Accounts, And Other Links That Are Relevant.

Facebook will be more inclined to verify your account if you include relevant links to your other websites or social media accounts.

You’ll have a better chance of being approved if your other accounts have large followings and traffic.

Facebook Verified

Now Is The Time To Press The Send Button! To Get Verified

Waiting for a response is the only thing left to do.

After Facebook’s team has started reviewing your request, you should receive a notification.

A lengthy review process may be required by Facebook if your request is for the verification of a large international company or corporation. This is because the Facebook team may need to dig deeper to verify the authenticity of your request.

If Facebook Rejects My Application For Getting Verified, What Will Happen Next?

It is not guaranteed that you will be verified if you meet the minimum requirements.

Unfortunately, Facebook may still reject your application without providing a specific reason. You can reapply for verification after 30 days if this happens.

During the 30-day waiting period, it is in your best interest to put some effort into improving your chances of being verified in the next round.

If Facebook rejects your application, here is what you should do:

  • In order to learn more about the reasons for your application’s denial, you can contact the Facebook Support Team. Having a general understanding of why you were rejected will help ensure that the next time you apply, you’ll receive a blue checkmark.
  • Increase your Facebook marketing efforts and keep up your regular posting schedule while creating more high-quality content.
  • Assemble a strong author bio and make certain that your personal or business website is search engine-optimized. What does a Facebook representative find out about the organization you’re trying to verify?

You’ll have a better chance of getting verified on those platforms if you do this.

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